Maker's Magazine #6

by Maker's Movement

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In our sixth issue we explore movement. We express ourselves through the use of our bodies. We allow our mediums to guide our motions. We let our struggles shape us. We search for meaning. We turn to mother nature for wisdom, and she tells us: movement flows through everything.

A peek at what stories are waiting inside:

· On motherhood and making with Karen Hare

·   Leaning into the motions of the wheel with Lauren Strybos

·   Contextualizing craft with the Craft Council of BC

·   Studio visits with shoemaker Renée Macdonald

·   Studying murmurations with Anna Bondoc

·   Interviews with Andrea Kraybill and Aileen Lee

·   Investigating Deafness and sound waves with Kelsie Grazier

·   Moving through time and space with Jelena Ristic

·   Back cover inside spread: Emma Rssx

·   Cover illustration: Kelsie Grazier

& many more. 100 pages of artwork and stories await.