Cabal Crafted Team

Alumni: Tony Nguyen • Maddie Fu • John Paul Ngo • Justin Chan • Steven Rozzi • Alicia Marie • Kelly Skove  
Designer: Walter Cabal
• • • •
An internship at Cabal Crafted lasts for three months or more. Internships are focused on the personal self development of the intern in handcraft, design, and daily working.

Cabal Crafted intends for each paid intern / worker to see how mundane objects and tasks can be focal points of meditative reflection. Interns not only learn how to produce Cabal designs, but they are also encouraged to interpret their work in relation to their lives.
The hope is for interns to walk away with an internalized experience in how to create meaning in their broader lives by the practice of creating meaning in their specific work at Cabal Studio.
The hope is that interns walk away having a more attentive approach to their physical surroundings, sensitive approach to their internal goings-on, and a curiosity about the previously mentioned in the lives of others.