Cabal Crafted Team

Cabal studio is made up of a tightly knit team eager to find and create meaning and humanity in our objects, with the hope that it may also contribute a lens to find meaning and humanity in people.



Admin / Scheduling / Rest Monitor

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Intern / Wholesale / Handcraft

Cabal Crafted Team Tony Nguyen

You'll know him when you see him. Tony (Ynot) Nguyen is a full-time student of dad-level jokes who sometimes reads about Marketing at his host institution, the University of California Riverside. Immersed in the world of fashion for his entire life, Tony has experience reselling secondhand designer products at the Los Angeles consignment store Horror Vacuo. 

Currently, Tony is helping to manage projects at Cabal studio - specifically working to broaden Cabal's list of stockists and wholesale partners.

What To Ask Tony When You See Him: 

Can you tell me a dad-joke?

What are the best unknown food finds in  Orange County?


Justin Chan

Intern / Media / Photo / Video

Justin Chan Cabal Crafted Team

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Intern / International PR / Packaging Design / Traditional Tool Preservation

He's a bit hard to notice sometimes, but John Paul Ngo can often be found sporting a turtleneck of some sort with an unintentional goal of emulating video game producer and icon Hideo Kojima. He's got a long experience as a craftsperson with more than half a decade of experience as a character designer who always strove to make deep and meaningful creations as a way of preserving his interpretation of the people and world around him with a bit of artistic flair.

Currently, John sometimes acts as the person (and snarky voice) behind the lens of the Cabal Crafted instagram stories and helps make captions for product posts.

What to ask John when you see him:

Can you teach me some Japanese Yakuza terminology?

When's the last time you slept?



Founder / Design / Craft

Designer Walter Cabal gravitates toward the deep end of the pool. Many times he finds that depth in his conversations with people and many other times he finds it in the long silences studying or crafting at Cabal studio. 

He tends to drive in the slow lane, talks to trees and animals; and he frequently searches for poetry in daily-ordinary life, and always looks for ways to plant peace making seeds in the culture. 

Walter was born in the Philippines, is of Filipino / Japanese heritage, and immigrated to the US before kindergarten. He earned his BA in Philosophy from the University of California, Riverside. His written works on culture from the perspective of design and craft have been published physically and digitally through Maker's Movement and Ekstasis Magazine.

Walter founded Cabal Crafted in late 2014.





Kelly Skove

Alumni / Handcraft

Kelly Skove Cabal Crafted