Walter Cabal

Designer and Founder Walter Cabal was born in the Philippines, is of Filipino / Japanese heritage, and learned English after immigrating to the US.

He has published short editorials on culture, imagination, faith, craft and resistance. He contends that the imagination is helpful practically, professionally, and personally and has spoken at the university level for La Sierra University and the University of Maryland to encourage the development of the imagination in adults. Walter is a proponent of cultivating a slower inner life and calls this way — living and working “with a slow spirit.”

He tends to talk to trees and animals on slow golden-hour walks from the bus, and you can probably catch him and his motorcycle named Kinnotori at Iron & Kin Coffee in Pomona or Claremont during the weekends.

During the week he is on the studio production team helping to bring Los Angeles designer Stephen Kenn’s works from request to reality.