About Cabal Crafted

Designing A More Human Culture

Cabal Crafted is a multidisciplinary design studio interested in cultivating a culture where the physical world surrounding us is ripe with meaning and humanity.

With A Slow Spirit

Cabal Crafted does this by changing the spirit that products are made with, instead of just the way products look, or the way products work.

Each piece is infused the Cabal Slow Spirit in response to a hurried, and frenetic modern world.

Toward Integration

At Cabal Crafted an industrial design methodology is integrated with traditional craft techniques in order to close the often un-acknowledged gap between the white collar designer and the blue collar craftsperson. Cabal Crafted is interested in elevating the tonality of manual labor, while intentionally bringing people of disparate groups together.

Because Design Can Influence Our Lives

From discarding objects in our closets, to discarding humanity in our factories, Cabal Crafted believes that designed objects already influence our habits. If we practice throwing things out, its not surprising to understand how some can feel it natural to throw humans and relationships away.

Cabal Crafted believes design can influence our lives to grow a culture where objects are full of meaning, where they are valued and retained; and consequently where people and their relationships are valued and retained all the more.

Fun Facts:

Cabal // kəˈbäl //

1. The last name of Cabal Crafted founder and designer Walter Cabal.
2. A group of conspirers who intend to subvert the status quo.
In the past this has had a negative political connotation. Taking this history into account allows Cabal Crafted to broaden its reach to include the status quo of human living at large.
The Cabal Community and its design, craft, and life philosophy is a peaceful form of refusing to enter the either/or separation between design and craft. Cabal Crafted responds by moving toward integration. Cabal believes this integration can be applied to many other forms of our lives that do not serve human flourishing.


Since 2015 Cabal Crafted has worked with MCC’s West Coast Global Relief Fundraiser in Upland and donated a piece to be auctioned off. 100% of the proceeds go to distributing and empower basic human necessities while working for global peace and justice. Learn more at MCC.ORG

Cabal Crafted has also donated pieces to Catholic Charities, in order to help with it's work in the Foster / Adoption landscape.