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Waxed Canvas + Leather Messenger bag. Cabal Crafted's response to the "urban-only" connotation of messenger bags. Using 100% cotton-canvas natural vegetable tanned leather, the Crosswander, allows, division of main office, items, with personal carry, while remaining easy to use, weather prepared, and more connected to the warm life blood of natural world, and humanity.

Self Compressing Body

The Crosswander, expresses Cabal Crafted's interest in small details, by designing straps that attach to the outer, body, always, letting the Crosswander self- compress, and keeping it snug against the back.

Hidden Storage

A hidden phone pocket, allows for the vibrations of the phone to be felt on your back, without having the phones rigid edges become a discomfort.

Magnetic Storm Flap

The Magnetic Storm flap allows for the zippers to remain concealed and protected from the elements, while remaining easy to maneuver.



Cabal Crafted is interested in moving toward a culture where the skill of human hands is not made obsolete, which is why Cabal Crafted insists on designing specifically with manual processes in mind. This helps to increase design value, without decreasing the value and centrality of being connected to other humans, and their work.

The waxed canvas body and leather straps are cut by hand, and sewn with vintage Japanese industrial machines. Natural vegetable tanned leather straps are hand-coated with natural beeswax for water resistance, and leather edges are hand dyed and finished.

Materials / Care

Cabal Crafted uses materials that value change and maturity. The hope is that your relationship to the object changes into a relationship with a faithful life companion.


The leathers used by Cabal Crafted are all tanned with vegetable matter. Because of this - the leather will age with exposure to oils, sunlight, the elements and according to the user's own habits. Cabal Crafted recommends Skidmore's leather cream to clean, condition and protect the leather. Your unique cut of leather and its grain will wear from sunlight, oils and elements. This turns the piece from "an" object, into "your" object.

Waxed Canvas

The 100% cotton canvas Cabal Crafted uses is free of environmentally harmful formic acids, thermosets, or thermoplastics. Because the canvas fibers are drenched in the wax instead of having only a top coat, the canvas is easily cleanable with a clean horse-hair brush.

Lifetime Guarantee

Design as a way of life

What we practice becomes our habit. If we practice accummulating meaningless 'stuff' and make a habit of discarding the things that surround us, then it's no surprise that we throw away other humans and relationships: it has become our habit as a culture. Cabal Crafted is interested in cultivating a diferent culture, one where what we value is not discarded but repaired. 

Simply email to begin the dialogue about how Cabal Crafted can repair the Cabal piece that's grown valuable to you. Please be ready to present your "Craft Contemplation Card" as proof of your purchase.