Recordings For Slowing Down


A note from Founder W.Cabal,

In honor of Asian American Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness month I've compiled recordings ranging from songs, recorded poetry and reflections, that have helped me to slow down and remember my own humanity.

Cabal Crafted will be releasing one every Monday. (You can download them for free to keep with you) It's way to remind myself (and maybe you) that I don't only live on paying rent and eating food. That even in this time the ones like me, who can't keep up with the stress and demand of the modern world are still valuable, are still worth listening to, and are allowed to create what gives us hope.

On my own mental health:

I am diagnosed with Dysthymia (now also called persistent depressive disorder) I'm a person who experiences depression –– but my high functioning personality confuses people. It's taken two suicide attempts ('06 and '18) to discover many Asian American people in general, including me as a man learn to throw ourselves away if we don't "become exceptional". Part of it has to do with childhood trauma, part of it has to do with that I wasn't even born in the states, part of it has to do with some myth of a Super Human Asian American––the so-called Model Minority. 

During this global pandemic, things are changing, but somehow there is still some spirit of productivity-guilt hanging over people like me. These recordings help me create meaning in my life instead of destroying it.

We will get back to designing and repairing objects at some point, but I have turned down some projects and put a hold on the product portion of Cabal Crafted to lean into remembering and imagining a world and culture that takes the time to slow down to peoples words and voices. In order to work one must first be alive. 

I hope in joining me you can hold on to something more than your productivity, too. 


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